Hudson Capital Fund
Advisory, Consulting & Management

A Hudson's aim at assisting you in the full process of a typical real estate investment, specifically in: 1) identifying a potential deal/transaction that meets your target and financial advisory; 2) capital formation; and 3) tax planning and compliance.

Transaction and Financial Advisory

Hudson will provide you with a comprehensive approach that will ensure every angle is explored as we offer strategic and tailored financial solutions, such as:

  • New development
  • General strategic consulting
  • Buyer/Seller transaction consulting
  • Partnership structuring
  • Property acquisitions
  • Market feasibility
  • Investment strategy / Return on investment

Capital Formation

  • Equity raises (i.e., joint venture, principal equity, etc.)
  • Debt placements (i.e., construction debt, bridge debt, permanent debt, loan restructuring, note acquisition, etc.)

Tax Compliance and Planning

  • Federal, state and local tax filings
  • Passive activity rules, tests and limitations
  • Mixed use property
  • Transfer of partnership interest
  • Choice of entity
  • Cash flow projections and budgets
  • Cost segregation study
  • Sale or transfer of business or assets
  • Tax credits and incentives

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